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During trips to Armenia we visited many orphanages, schools, and met with orphanage directors across the country, who were able to identify key needs and requirements of their orphanages for our database. We have also been actively searching and finding families in desperate need for food, clothing, and shelter whom we compensate with your donations. All donations are used to satisfy these families and orphaned kids' needs. We rarely make cash donations to the orphanages we sponsor.

Instead, we rely on our trusted network of associates to assist us with donation distribution. These associates allow us to ensure that there is a strict control over quality and that donations make it to the organizations for which they are intended.

The plight of modern Armenia begins with the terrible devastation and thousands of deaths caused by an earthquake in 1988. Nearly destroying the cities of Spitak and Gyumri, the devastation overwhelmed the local Armenian government, which immediately sought outside help. While assistance was provided by both international charities and other NGOs, the reconstruction process was halted after Soviet Armenia’s split from the USSR in 1991. The economic and political disorder in the period following the Soviet Union’s collapse—combined with the extended aftermath of the earthquake—quickly caused a rise in the number of Armenian children who were orphans, as well as those children whose parents had abandoned them.

The years following Armenia’s independence have seen successful reconstruction efforts, although, until the day when Armenia can become stable assistance is necessary to ensure that its population receives food, clothing, and educational aid. We started P4PF in an effort to support what we see as the most vulnerable and unfortunate members of the Armenian population, its orphaned and abandoned children.


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