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About us

The PEOPLE 4 PEOPLE FOUNDATION (P4PF) is a public 501 (c)3 non-profit organization that works aggressively to provide Armenian orphans and orphanages with necessary education, hygiene and educational supplies, food and clothing in conjunction with repairing and remodeling these facilities. P4PF facilitates orphaned teenagers by providing safe housing conditions and improving environmental as well as living conditions of families in border villages throughout Armenia and Artsakh. P4PF Is committed to providing essential aid for the emotional, physical, and educational needs of these underprivileged children and families. P4PF continuously helps families living in border villages throughout Armenia by providing clothing, food, essential supplies and repairing the houses of the most neediest families who have many children and are not able to manage their financial or living problems.

Established In 2009, the mission of P4PF is to assist orphans, orphanages and deprived families in Armenia. We seek to provide the neediest youth with resources which are essential to their growth into self-sufficient and productive adults in Armenian society


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