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Our Mission

Established in 2009, the mission of P4PF is to assist orphanages, schools, families in need and medical facilities in Armenia. We provide aid, tools, educational supplies, and support that are necessary for their physical, educational, and emotional growth and development. We seek to provide these neediest of youths with resources which are essential to their growth into self-sufficient and productive adults in Armenian society. We also seek to establish a boarding house which would serve as home for orphaned Armenian children after age 18.

  • Providing the neediest of children with materials which can improve their quality of life such as books, clothing, food, and educational materials
  • Assisting Armenian orphanages by providing them with the tools necessary for renovation and improvement, such as materials and labor
  • Providing orphaned children under the age of 2 with diapers
  • Offering opportunities for older orphaned children to participate in culturally-enriching programs, such as dance classes
  • Renovating medical facilities in various areas of Armenia and Artsakh.

Why help Armenian orphans?

Armenian orphans or abandoned children depend mostly to outside aid since the Armenian government does not provide sufficient budget the orphanages. Orphaned children who grow to adulthood without proper living conditions, education, and career counseling face a grim future: Orphaned Armenian boys typically enter the army at eighteen, but the government does not provide and resources for their careers, livelihood or well being after they complete their service in the army. Orphaned or abandoned Armenian girls face worse employment prospects than boys, and the unskilled among them must take any available job to make ends meet. These children need our help today or they will have no future tomorrow.

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