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Programs & Goals

We provide direct aid, including: food, clothing, hygiene supplies, financial aid, books, toys, educational materials to orphanages, schools, families of deceased or injured soldiers from Armenian army, and to families in need living in border villages. P4PF has been a proud sponsor to Vanadzor Orphanage’s dance group since the year of 2009 by paying for their dance classes and providing them with dance clothes. This program gives children an opportunity to learn how to dance and perform, spend their time productively and travel around Armenia for concerts. Since the year of 2016 P4PF has started a new project which has been continuous and efficient with teenagers who complete their years in an orphanage. At the age of 18 most teenagers who spent their whole life growing up in an orphanage have very limited options on what they can do, as they have no secure housing provided to them. P4PF has come up with a solution in the past 4 years by renting apartments in the areas where these teenagers attend college or university in order to help them have secure housing and continue their education and prepare for individual and independent lifestyle. P4PF also accommodates them with transportation expenses, utility bills and funds for them to live on daily bases. P4PF also strives to assist Armenian orphanages and schools with necessary renovation work through

  • Structural improvements such as fixing leaky walls, windows, and insulation
  • Bathroom and plumbing renovations and improvements
  • Providing heaters to facilities with insufficient central heat
  • Central heating system renovation and replacement.
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